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Understanding The Costs Of Care With Choices Homecare

We know that figuring out the cost of home care can be a complex task, but at Choices Homecare, we believe in keeping it simple and transparent.

Different Needs, Different Costs

The cost of home care can vary based on your unique needs. For visiting care, you’ll be charged at an hourly rate. If you opt for live-in care, also known as “24-hour care,” the pricing can be quoted as a daily rate for short-term respite or a weekly rate for ongoing care. We’ll work closely with you to determine the right level of care that suits your needs and your budget.

Why Choose Choices Homecare For Your Home Care?

Choices Homecare stands out in the industry for several reasons:

Upfront and Transparent

We believe in full transparency. You’ll only pay what’s agreed upon in your care plan, with no hidden fees or long notice periods.

Not a Care Agency

Unlike care agencies, we are a private care provider. This means no agency fees or retainers to worry about.

Accept Direct Payments

If you receive funding through social services and have chosen direct payments, we can accept top-ups to these payments.

Financial Support For Care Costs

In England, if your assets, including most investments and savings, exceed £23,250, you’ll be expected to cover your care costs. Your property’s value is not taken into account for care within your own home.

To find out if you qualify for assistance with your care costs, you can request a Financial Assessment from your local council. They will evaluate your financial means and determine whether:

The council covers all your care costs.

The council covers a portion of your care costs.

You are responsible for covering all your care costs.

Self-Funding Home Care

Some of our families privately fund their care. We understand that this can be challenging, and we’re here to work out a care plan and payment strategy that suits your unique needs and budget. As your needs or preferences change, we’ll adapt your care accordingly.

Benefits Can Assist With Care Costs

You may be eligible for benefits that can help offset your care expenses. It’s crucial to explore all state benefit entitlements to determine which ones are applicable to your situation and needs. These benefits can provide financial support for the care you require.

Do You Want To Join Our Care Team?

As a valued team member, you can expect comprehensive initial and refresher training, ongoing friendly support and mentoring, regular clients and great terms and conditions. We want you to join a service you can be proud to represent.

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