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NHS Continuing Healthcare
(CHC) Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a vital support system provided by the NHS for individuals with complex health needs in the north. At Choices Homecare, we’re dedicated to helping you understand and access this essential funding.

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is a comprehensive package of care fully funded by the NHS. It’s designed for individuals with severe health conditions or complex care needs that demand ongoing support, including palliative care. This funding can be permanent or applied for an unspecified period, ensuring you receive the care you require at home.

To be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, your care needs must have a substantial health-related component, referred to as a “primary health need.” The assessment for eligibility focuses on your specific care requirements rather than a particular diagnosis or health condition.

To determine eligibility, a comprehensive assessment of your individual needs is essential. This assessment can be initiated by contacting your local integrated care board (ICB) or consulting your GP. In England, ICBs manage NHS service provision and hold the budget for continuing healthcare funding. Your GP, nurse, or social worker will conduct the initial assessment, evaluating your unique care needs.

Following a successful assessment, the recommendation is submitted to the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) for approval. Once approved, a personalized care plan is arranged by the CCG’s continuing healthcare team. In situations where a person’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, fast-track continuing healthcare assessments and packages can be implemented to ensure immediate care and support. At Choices Homecare, we frequently collaborate with continuing healthcare teams and families in need of care. Our ability to establish strong partnerships and respond promptly and professionally provides peace of mind during challenging times.

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