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Funding Options

Figuring out how to fund your long-term care is a significant consideration when exploring home care services. Depending on your personal circumstances, you might be eligible for public funding, benefits, or have various other finance options at your disposal.

Private Funding Or Direct Payments

The most common funding method among our customers is private funding or direct payments. If you’re planning to self-fund your care, we strongly recommend researching whether any benefits are available to you. To help you get started and steer you in the right direction, we’ve provided plenty of advice below.

Immediate Needs Annuity

Another funding option to consider is purchasing an immediate needs annuity. This can provide you with a financial safety net to cover your care costs.

Power Of Attorney And Asset Matters

Many individuals have questions about lasting power of attorney (LPA) and other asset-related matters. These topics can significantly impact your care planning and financial decisions.

Explore Your Funding Options

Choices Homecare is here to guide you through the various funding options available. If you’d like expert advice tailored to your unique situation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Useful Information About
Care Funding

Benefit Entitlement

Discover which benefits you might be entitled to.

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

Understand what NHS continuing healthcare entails.

Personal Health Budgets

Find out more about personal health budgets.

Social Care Funding

Learn about social care funding and how to access it.

Immediate Needs Annuity

Explore the concept of an immediate needs annuity.

Lasting Power Of Attorney

Understand what a lasting power of attorney (LPA) is and how it can impact your care planning.