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Personal Health Budgets In across the north

Taking Control Of Your Healthcare

Navigating Your Healthcare Journey In across the north

Understanding and accessing the right healthcare support can be complex, but at Choices Homecare, we’re here to simplify the process. Our goal is to ensure that you or your loved ones across the north of England receive the care you need with ease.

Unpacking Personal Health Budgets

A Personal Health Budget is a transformative approach to healthcare support, offering greater control and choice. It’s money allocated by the NHS to cover identified healthcare needs. What makes it unique is that this budget can be directed by the individual who needs care. It empowers you to set up a care package with a provider of your choice.

If you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, you automatically qualify for a Personal Health Budget. This budget not only provides autonomy but also offers flexibility and increased involvement in your care plan. You can use the allocated funds directly to arrange your care or collaborate with NHS teams to explore suitable care options.

To be eligible for Carer’s Allowance, you must:

Be aged 16 or over.

Spend at least 35 hours per week caring for someone.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Healthcare?

A Personal Health Budget empowers you to shape your care journey. To discover how Choices Homecare can support you with a Personal Health Budget, contact us today.